Teachers not confident about Honor Code’s ability to deter cheaters

In an attempt to combat the growing problem of cheating among Davis High School students, the administration has adopted an Honor Code in hopes it will deter future cheaters.

Assistant Principal Richard Firmage first introduced the idea of an Honor Code because of the large number of complaints he was receiving from teachers about cheating. “The punishments weren’t consistent,” said Firmage. “The punishment should be spelled it. It shouldn’t be an ambiguous punishment.

After researching the Honor Codes of different universities and departments, specifically Weber State University, he presented it to the Davis County School District.

“I borrowed language from other Honor Codes. Why reinvent the wheel? Everybody has an Honor Code,” said Firmage.

However, 79.5 percent of Davis High teachers are not confident that the new Honor Code, and only 20.5 percent of teachers answered that they felt confident about it. Math teachers and those who do not teach Core subjects showed the least confidence.

When it is finished with the editing process, Firmage said that the Honor Code will be displayed in every classroom of Davis High.

“The Honor Code will put the teeth in a punishment,” said Firmage. “Now there will be consequences.”