Fraud on Resume will get you no where

              Resume fraud, the one type of cheating that is increasing even more. In a 2011 statistics ranking the fraud on resume continues to increase as the competition for jobs and unemployment continues.

            “One survey estimates that as many 80 percent of all job seekers submit applications and résumés that contain intentionally misleading information. The misrepresentation involves work experience, criminal history, inflated past salaries and education credentials,” stated in an article The Greater Lansing Business Monthly.

               As stated in the statistics above, there is an increasing in resume fraud. There are many motives as to why the number of people on resume frauds is increasing; competition in companies and the need for employees and the increasing number of unemployment.

            “A 2003 study cited by the The CPA Journal included a survey of 2.6 million job applicants showed that 44% lied about prior work experience, 41% lied about their education, and 23% of applicants falsified their credentials or made false claims concerning professional licenses held,” stated on the Money-zine website.

            As the unemployment rate increases it causes frustration to those who don’t have jobs and are honest on their resumes because they are being cheated out of jobs by those who are lying.

            Those who lie on their resume are usually caught or the guilt eats at them to resign. So a lesson to be learned is to be truthful to on resumes.