The Sub-for-Santa rivalry continues

As the Christmas season comes closer and students get more excited about the break and getting gifts they focus less on school. However, before Christmas break comes there is one week that changes the halls of Davis High, Sub-for-Santa.

Sub-for-Santa gives the students the opportunity to raise money for those less fortunate so those people can have Christmas, but it is also a chance for students to have a nice competitive competition to see which class can raise more than the other.

“Yeah I definitely want to win this year. As a junior you want to win but as a senior you want it even more,” said senior Dallin Johnson

The competition between the classes is intense as the juniors and seniors fight for the winning title. Even many of the teachers get into the competition, AP US teacher Wendy Dau is one of those teachers.

“I think the seniors really want to win this year since the juniors have come in first, especially when we wrote on Dau’s window, the seniors came and erased it because the seniors were mad that the juniors won,” said junior Kira Johnson.

So not only are the teachers getting into the competition but so are the senior class officers.