Aubrey West 4th female president in Davis history

Aubrey West smiles while being interviewed as the new DHS student body president for 2011-12.

Voted as the student with the most contagious laugh in junior high school, junior Aubrey West has been chosen as the Student Body Officer President for 2011-2012.

“She’s always very happy and really friendly,” said junior Charlotte Gatrell. “I love Aubrey and I’m really happy for her.”

West, who said that she campaigned for SBO after wanting to do the same activities as the past leaders, is only the fourth female SBO President in the history of Davis High School.

“Just being the President is a lot of pressure,” said West.

“Instead of all the girls falling over for a male SBO, now all of the boys will fall over,” said junior Kallen Hatch, who said that she does not believe gender plays a large part in the decision making of an SBO President.

As part of the decision making process, West had to attend an interview where she was asked what she believes Davis represents and how she could help both the SBOs and Davis. “I think that a good quality is to be positive,” said  West. “What [SBOs] represent inspires me.”

“There are so many things I can say [about West], and they are all positive,” said SBO advisor David Miller.

West said that she is prepared for the massive amounts of attention that go hand in hand with her new leadership position. “I used to always be like, ‘look, I know that person [SBO President],’” said West. “But now I do!”

West was chosen from among the other SBOs through a combination of student votes, SBO voting, and in interview.