The race for the Clockwork Prince continues

The Clockwork Prince takes you back into the Victorian Era where balls are the grandeur of the rich’s life, while the industrialization is the death of the slum people. Tessa Gray finds herself in the most dangerous situation in her life. She always thought that she was just a regular girl living in the boisterous city of New York, however, when her brother disappears and her only family left dies, she is left to travel to England in search of her brother.

Tessa finds out that her brother has been associating with the wrong people and betrays her, because she is not human. Tessa finds herself being taken care of by a secret group of people who go by Nephlim. Tessa learns that she is part of a plan much more sinister than what her brother was involved in.

As time goes on and she becomes part of the Institute family she begins to fall in love with the hard edge, cruel, Will, a pull she can’t seem to escape no matter how cruel he is to her. And, yet she becomes closer with James as well. Throughout the book she must make a choice on who will make her happy, but choices are left before her. Jem (James) is slowly dying from a drug and Will seems to continually pushing her away.

In the search for Magister (Mortmain, the antagonist) intensifies as Tessa part in his plan becomes inevitably and Benedict Lightwood’s lust for the Institute, forcing Charlotte into a mad race to find the Magister.

A whole new adventure that keeps you torn into alongside Tessa as she tries to decide who she will love, Jem or Will, while trying to find out who she really is and why she is so important to the Magister. This book keeps audience young and old loving and treasuring this book. Cassandra Clare has really out down herself on this one.

Taking and putting a story back into the Victorian Era is simply amazing, because it takes it out of what we are used to in this time period. Clare did an incredible job on staying factual to the time period, but also showing what is correct as a social normality in the Victorian Age. I was thoroughly impressed with what Clare did with this book. I can’t wait until the next book comes out.