Davis V. Olympus

Davis High basketball has been built on a foundation of winning teams. That is what is expected, this year’s team has a lot of talent and potential. They are good enough that if they have one big game it would send them off for the rest of the season with the momentum needed to dominate.

The team is led by senior captains Lincoln Holt and Jace Johnson, with many supporting casts that help the team be who they are. The Davis High basketball team went up against the Olympus Titans on Tuesday, the 3 of January. Darts fell short by just a single point. This loss was a tough preseason defeat.

Davis was leading most of the game, with momentum on their side, going into the fourth quarter, the win looked attainable. Lincoln Holt, Senior Captain had to be taken out at the start of the 4th, due to a elbow to the nose and upper lip.

After a few controversial calls, Olympus took advantage and a bunch of free throws were converted. The tides had turned in favor for the Titans.

Titan big man, Will Cannon came up huge scoring 15 of his game high 20 points all in the fourth.

With a minute to go in this Tuesday night nail biter, Coach Welk put in senior guard Karter Chisholm for the first time since the opening half. Down by one point the Darts were anxious to pull out a win. Looking for the open man, time running down, crowd on the edge of their seats, ball was in the hands of Chisholm. Chisholm looks at clock which was at 7 seconds, he takes it to the hole, puts up a shot off the back board, rolls off rim, Titans win.

In a disappointing loss, much can be learned. Davis Highs schedule was ranked the hardest of anybody in the state by Deseret News. Even though the Darts were looking for the win, you can make the argument that Davis is getting the most experience out of any team in Region 1 and preseason is just that preseason. Doesn’t go against them, Davis is looking forward to overcoming only their third loss of the preseason with a game on Friday the 6 against one of their top rivals, The Viewmont Vikings.