Davis High XC makes history

Team-is a group organized to work together. Team is what the motto has always been, for Davis High Cross Country.

What the boys did at this year’s Nike Cross Nationals was truly amazing. They took 3rd place at one of the most competitive races in high school cross country. This was the best finish a Utah team has ever had in the NXN.

Coach Talley said, “Best team in Davis High History, Top 5 team in the state of Utah’s history.”

With all the hype that American Fork had, Davis was able to overcome that and finish 3 places ahead of the cavemen who ended with a 6th place showing.

The Nike Cross Nationals race is all about the teams, and for Davis High, team unity was no challenge.

Senior Logan Wood said “Without the team we wouldn’t be anything.” “We have strong individual runners that contribute to make our team great.”

Throughout the summer the boys ran 600-900 miles, which consisted of 40-80 miles per week. Junior, Preston Johnson said “Everyone puts forth their hardest work for the team; the seniors push us and lead by example.”

Seniors Brad Nye and Logan Wood are the leaders of the team, Johnson said, “Brad works very hard he is the one to talk to or go to for advice, he knows so much about the sport.” Wood said “Brad was so supportive gave me so much confidence and advice.”

Talley said, “We have a good group of guys that work hard and sacrifice for each other.”

The team last year took 11th place and this year knew they could improve much more. At the beginning of the season they had top 5 in mind, but towards the end and after state they wanted and knew they could finish top 3 or better. That is what the team expected of themselves, and it’s also what the coaches expected.

The coaches want the boys to perform to the best of their abilities. Junior, Preston Johnson said “They want everyone to run their best; they are willing to help not only the top athletes but every one of the 45 runners on the team.” This year’s team was very talented but with talent comes high expectations, the boys never gave up they worked hard for each other as a team.

Whether it was running 12-15 miles per day in the summer or running 6 by 800’s or 4 by 1 miles, the boys ran together. They gave up their individual expectations and prepared and sacrificed for the betterment of the team.

Johnson said “Can’t have a good team without good coaches, they control everything, they sacrifice so much of their time for us, because they want to.”

Talley said “Everyone had great races but Logan Wood and Brayden Cromar stepped up the most for us, they had their best race of the year.”

Every single person came together when it mattered most and it paid off in the end. This year’s team will go down as one the best team to run at Davis High.