Problems Facing Davis High

Throughout history of the education system schools have always seem to go through their problems, and somehow always manage to get through them. Problems have faced many schools such as fighting, cheating, procrastination, fighting, and the list goes on. It seems that Davis High school is facing some similar problems.

            “Waiting till the last day to do projects” said junior Copper Vandemerwe. Students often get the all the blame for the reason for procrastination, but do teacher have some blame to carry?

            “The teachers are giving us so much work these days” said Vandemerwe.  The cousin of procrastination seems to be cheating, they’re relationship may be closer than realized.

            “People procrastinate so they cheat because they are not prepared.” said Junior Class President Terry.  Cheating is an issue that almost everyone has had to face one way or another.  They are no doubt that these problems have always been going on, issues that obviously need to be abolished. What the school needs is a solution, solutions that include “Positive peer pressure” said Nate, “that’s the only way to get it done.” If Davis can encourage other students who look to one another for approval to respect integrity and to discriminate against cheating. Positive peer pressure seems to be more effective than students listening to teachers and administration feeling like they are just listening to a broken record. Many students don’t care about what teachers think of them unless their grade depends on it.

            “Some kids cheat because they’re busy or lazy and they want to get good grades without spending the time studying. Other kids might feel like they can’t pass the test without cheating.” said in an article about cheating. Cheating has become so popular that some of the main hits when searching “test cheating” on Google are just website full of thousands of different ways to cheat in different situations, such as

Counselor Geen Kawa says, “one of our biggest problems is not challenging ourselves.”

            Administration seems to feel different about what the problems are at Davis high currently.

            “As an administrator you’ve always got concerns about kids staying on track to graduate” said Principal Dee Burton. Although on the topic of issues the actually students are having Burton feels that students have actually improved a lot.

            “We are doing a much much better job of keeping the hallways clean at lunch time, for a while there we had a real problem with that.” Thankfully Davis students has at least one thing under control, but in other subjects the students don’t seem to being doing so well.

            “I think we at times could treat each other better. We have five goals we want the goals to excel in at Davis, academics, athletics, the arts, social interaction, and community involvement and for the most part we do really, really well in all of those. They are times we let our guard down a little bit and we don’t treat each other as well as we probably should.” said Burton.