Key Club’s Valentine’s Day Fundraiser is super sweet

Big cuddly teddy bears, polka dotted dogs, and lots and lots of candy! What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day? This and more is available for purchase from Key Club’s annual Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Jan 31 through Feb 13. Prices range from three to fifteen dollars.

 Key Club will deliver purchased Valentines during school on Feb 14. Students may buy a Valentine treat for friends or “even more special” friends during this time in the Commons at lunch, but parents of Davis High students are especially encouraged to buy Valentines for their students. Proceeds will go to the charity Operation Smile and to Key Club to fund their trip to the convention they take every year.

I got a Valentine from my parents last year, and it was super fun. It was such a surprise to be handed, in the middle of class, a bright red teddy bear and adorably soft dog, each stuffed animal accompanied by a little bag of candy. I loved carrying them around all day. HOW could I be unhappy with an armful of fluffy??