Students cook up parody show

Dill weed, chicken broth, corn flakes, cherry soda, fruit, wasabi, and hot dogs don’t usually go together, but they are the prime ingredients of juniors Matt Duncan and Josh Denson’s Gross Stew, a dish they cook up on their parody show, Cooking in Wisconsin.

            “The name is part of the joke,” said Duncan. “Wisconsin is the state with the coolest name.”

            Duncan and Denson recently revealed on their YouTube show that it is filmed in Utah and not Wisconsin.

            “Cooking in Wisconsin is a New Age kitchen show,” said Denson. “I don’t know how we thought of it. I hadn’t seen a YouTube cooking show worth watching.”

            The show usually begins with the two boys discussing what dish they are planning to make, then cuts to Duncan, the head chef, making the dish with Denson, his assistant. The episode ends with them eating, and sometimes forcing down, whatever they made.

            “We eat all of it,” said Denson. “Every last crumb.”

            The show, which debuted on Oct. 21, has over 1,200 views and the boys have recently begun creating merchandise with dill weed, which is featured in every episode, on it.

            “There is an endless possibility of gross recipes,” said Duncan.”We try to make it as gross as possible, but make the viewer think it is really good.”

            Duncan has no desire to become a chef, but wants the show to go viral. “I want people to recognize me on the street,” he said.

            “I want our own show right after Rachel Ray,” said Denson.

            The boys have tackled nachos, Lithuanian food, and eggs. They are currently in the planning process of creating an original recipe for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.