Lincoln Holt Feature

Lincoln Holt has been playing the great game of basketball ever since the Christmas that he was four years old. That year he received his first basketball hoop and has loved the game ever since. Holt is a senior at Davis High School, he has been on the team since sophomore year and is now team captain with fellow senior Jace Johnson.

Holt has loved the chance and responsibility that being the team captain brings. Holt said, “It’s been fun. More responsibility but just fun to get to know all the kids and just be a part of the team.”

He feels he has been able to help his teammates along with learning more about himself.

Lincoln’s personal goal is to win state. He has always wanted to win state, so this is the year. Holt said, “If the goal isn’t to win state, then the goal isn’t good enough.”

One of the biggest things Lincoln has learned is to not ever give up. “We do a lot of ladders and there are sometimes when you just want to run out the door, but you just have to keep going, take it one day at a time, one practice, one ladder, at a time, because it goes so fast.”

Lincoln looks forward to potential in the state playoffs and has just decided to enjoy the ride as a senior. He said, “I love basketball because it’s a team sport, being with my friends, giving everything you have for these kids. It’s been a real blessing this year, just grateful to be on the team.” Lincoln is also a student body officer, this year. He is always looking to help those around him.

There is one thing Lincoln won’t deny and that is that Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James.