Indie band’s music is a nice change of pace

Faded Paper Figures, an American Indie Pop Electronica band, features a vintage sound and catchy lyrics.

Maybe it’s the vintage instruments or the unique tone of their voices, but Faded Paper Figures’ music always makes me think of books, of bottle cap necklaces and railroad stations. Polaroid cameras. A return to lighter, simpler times. Whatever it is, their music is a joy to listen to. It’s even fun to drive to because it’s never sleepy and isn’t distracting.

Faded Paper Figures is an American Indie Pop Electronica band made up of Kael and Heather Alden and John Williams. Their latest album, New Medium, features the band’s unique style of vintage instruments paired with lyrics that make you do a double-take.

Their songs remind me of childhood. The poetic lyrics about nothing in particular are light and cheery and it’s fun to have stuck in your head. Each song has a very simple sound, but they feel airy and relaxed. With FPF, less proves to be more with their basic melodies and not many different sounds.

 “Limelight” has one of the catchiest choruses on the album. It best represents the feel of FPF’s random style—every line of the song is poetic, but when all of them are put in the same song it feels smooshed together. Sounds unpleasant, but it’s strangely enjoyable. In contrast, “You Know What I Mean” has a heavier rock feel than the light, airy tones of their other songs. It keeps a modern sound that contrasts nicely with the old-fashioned. Some of FPF’s songs’ titles, like “Rewind”, give an almost melancholy feel that is only made stronger when combined with the softer, slower rhythm. It’s one of my personal favorites of the album—it feels springtimey.

Some think that FPF’s music is repetitive or that it all sounds the same, but I think it’s perfect. Apart from the fun, easy melodies, the lyrics are my favorite part of FPF’s music. The carefree lyrics about nothing in particular carry a romantic feel about a return to lighter, simpler times before the clutter of technology came around. If you’re looking for something different and unique to listen to, give Faded Paper Figures a try—it’ll leave you feeling happy and whimsical.