Novelty is Noble

Novelty dance was for sure the most fun dance that has happened this year at Davis High for sure! Not only was the day activity of my group fun which involved a scavenger hunt all over Kaysville, making homemade ice cream, playing a fun game of Apples to Apples, and making shirts but also the dance was a blast.

            The main ingredients that made this dance so much fun were being able to dress casually in a t-shirt and shorts creating an environment that was much easier and more spectacular for dancing. Since a large amount of people seem to underestimate the quality of this dance and decide not to go, for the people who do go it gives them a less crowded, more comfortable atmosphere to do a jig or two. Finally, the not the simplicity of the dance that tends to not give people high expectations make the dance care and stress free! The best dance of the year so far.