A One Act Changes my View of Others

The One Act Play Festival is one ofDavisHigh school’s theater department’s biggest events of the year. Not only does the event have more than a hundred participates but it also is completely student run.

            Six Advanced Theater students are chosen to direct a play for the One Acts, these directors most choose (or in some cases write) their own play, hold auditions to cast their actors, choose and direct actors and different concepts for their own play. I had the opportunity to participate in one of these short plays which was called The Invisible J. Michael Hess. The plot of the play I was apart of was about the suicide of a young teenage boy and the events that led up to his death, throughout these events J. Michael (the suicide victim) interacted with many different characters that effected his life one way or another, characters such as an over worked mother, caring teacher, arrogant principle, heartless bully, and a lovely but confused girl. The story begins with the narration of the already deceased J. Michael as he begins to tell his story through his memories to allow the audience to experience his last few days leading to his suicide.

 I played the part of Artie, a foul bully that was no help to the social and psychological problems J. Michael (the suicide victim) faced. Whether one participated or watched this play it was sure to give one an emotional affect.

            While playing this part it came as somewhat of a challenge because of the lines and actions I had to commit which clearly tore an already torn kid apart. This role taught me a lesson of how we have to treat other people because you never understand or know how deep your words or actions may cut. A very good friend of mine, Ben Anderson played the part of the suicide victim. This made the part more difficult; having to be heartlessly cruel on stage to somebody I could not stop laughing with off the stage. This role gave me a more caring eye for not just my friends, but everyone around me. In a strange way, my opportunity to play the role of the bully in this play made me appreciate those around me in life a lot more.