Staff Editorial: Our Commitment to our Community

Our purpose as the Davis High Media group is to accurately convey the news of Davis High in an unbiased and factual manner. In order to maintain credibility, we strive to get both sides of each story, check facts, and use multiple, credible sources.

We believe that our First Amendment rights and rights to no prior review are important to our school and community. With these rights, we can bring facts to the student body, as well as function as a student run program. The Editorial Board will make all final content decisions and when faced with moral or ethical dilemmas, work together to achieve a solution that will benefit the staff and the school. While we respect the school, our responsibility is to bring the news. We will not create controversy, but we will cover it.

We will connect with our Student Body by looking into all information given to us as soon as possible. No information will be discredited until researched. We believe that researching all information given to us that we will have better content as well as be a benefit to our school.

The Davis Dart and Davis Television work collaboratively to produce news in different mediums. We believe this is important because of the different way the news can be delivered in these two ways. We believe it will help the Student Body be informed in the most effective way possible.

We will retract errors as we uncover them, after we have thoroughly researched them. We know the importance of accuracy, and we firmly believe that it is important to uncover the true facts before running a story, and also that it is important to correct an error if it is made.

The school and community will benefit from the Davis High Media Group and all of their above purposes and rights. The student body will be able to be informed through different mediums as the Davis High Media Group reports the news with integrity.