Why everyone loves The Office

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The Office, an American sitcom, is a very familiar TV show around Davis High School. Many, who haven’t obviously binge-watched the show, wonder why it is so popular. Here are some ideas on why:

-The characters and settings are relatable.

The characters in The Office are dysfunctional, which normal high schoolers can completely relate to. We can connect to them, because the show exposes their mistakes, which is a natural human quality. Students at Davis High can connect with these characters because of certain characteristics. Michael Scott, for example, vocalizes what he thinks of an employee, and categorizes them into a stereotypical category. We can relate to this because we judge everyone, but unlike Michael, we don’t typically vocalize our negative feelings towards them.

-The storyline is very standard and believable.

The setting is placed in a typical office, with normal employees who have some experience in their position. The set doesn’t have special effects, or green screens. The cinematography is styled as it would be for a documentary, which makes their script more believable. This differs from other sitcoms, because it doesn’t have an in-studio audience (the common laugh sound effect heard after jokes).

-The pranks are very entertaining.

Jim Halpert, the sitcom’s heartthrob, wastes his work time during the day figuring out ways to prank his co-worker, Dwight Shrute. Dwight lacks common social skills, and common sense. This is very entertaining to Jim, because he can easily prank him. One time, Jim put Dwight’s desk in the men’s bathroom. Dwight, not amused, continued to make calls to clients while the toilet could be heard flushing in the back.

The Office is a full of dad jokes, pranks, and relatable characters. This should drive non-watchers to binge watch the show, which would help them to understand the reasoning on its popularity.