ACT week concurred!

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Congratulations to all the Juniors! After years of being warned by teachers and parents, it finally happened, the ACT!

This last week Wednesday the 20th, was the dreaded day of the big test. For 4 and a half hours they came and took the nation wide test. With only a 15 minute break with snacks given by the generosity of the teachers, cheese sticks and fruit snacks.

All the sophomores and seniors didn’t have to come to school that day. Seniors celebrating that they will never have to take that test again and sophomores terrified of the day next year that they will have to take it.

“I know it is really important and I really want to do good on it, but I also wish it didn’t determine so much about the future!” Said Joslin Wheeler

When asked if they prepared for the ACT one student confessed,

“Not really just my 11 years of schooling and the practice.”

A few weeks ago the school did give the opportunity for a free practice ACT, being able to get the scores back. Also there are classes after school, and online programs to prepare. So we would all be able to have a fighting chance to get into collage.