St. Geezy for the week


Margaret Brown

Spring Fever is in the air at Davis High. With spring break just around the corner, students are starting to plan their break. A lot of students love to stay in Utah and enjoy the states own amazing scenery as the weather warms up. I interviewed a couple students from Davis and the top place to go. Out of the 6 people interviewed, only two weren’t going to St. George.

“St. George is the place to be during spring break. There is so many teenagers and things to do it is always a party.” claims Zoe Jacobs.

Swimming at sand hollow, visiting Dixie rock, sun bathing, hiking, and so many more outdoor activities are available in St. George.

“I love going down with a big group of kids and just having a blast staying in one condo together and meeting new people.” says Jack Rigby.

Going up to Dixie Rock is so fun because that is where all the High school kids from different schools meet up. It is a fun opportunity to meet new people as well as see friends from Davis High. If you are lucky you may get a kiss.

*if you are reading this and are going to be in St. George over spring break, meet at Dixie Rock Tuesday, April 2nd, at 12 a.m.