Heavyweight title fight in question after boxer tests positive for PED

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European Life
May 28, 2019
Joshua holding his 4 heavyweight belts

Joshua holding his 4 heavyweight belts

Anthony Joshua was supposed to defend his title belts against Jarrell Miller on June 1st, but now the fight is in question because Miller tested positive for banned substances.

Miller lost a huge opportunity because Anthony Joshua is widely considered the most popular boxer and is the heavyweight champion of the world. In 22 professional bouts Joshua has never lost and has won 21 of those fights by knockout.

Miller tested positive for three banned substances, GW1516, HGH, and EPO. This is an unprecedented amount of substances being found in someone’s system.

Before Miller was caught with these substances, they had a press conference for their fight. At the press conference Miller and Joshua faced off and things got dicey. As Joshua faced off with Miller, Miller shoved Joshua hard and things only got worse from there. As they were talking trash at each other Miller said some things about Joshua’s mother and he did not like it. Joshua then went on to say that he is Miller’s mothers landlord and that he is paying her rent.

It is not a part of Joshua’s character to talk smack like this, because he is normally very respectful towards opponents. Joshua is still training for June 1st and is looking for someone to fill Miller’s spot.