Choir State Competition: Review


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Our choir students competed at the Libby Gardner Hall, in Salt Lake City and represented Davis really well, apparently. But, not all of them made it for State, only A Capella Choir and Madrigals, and they got mixed. Both of those choir categories have their own class periods, and the students included on it have to try out. They have multiple songs that they have prepared to perform and everyone in the categories make it, not only some students, which is really good and inclusive for all of them.

” We perform the songs and we get a score for them, 1 is perfect, and 4 is the worse we can get. 1- is also possible and it’s considered almost a perfect performance. We did pretty good, we got 2 1-‘s and one 1, so that was totally worth it”, said Paden Wilson, one of the students of A Capella that made if for Madrigals next year.

” I think our work was worth it and we also had a lot of fun, because we all like singing and that is a way for us to express ourselves as a group”, said Courtney Sorenson, another student that made it for next year’s Madrigals choir too.

It seems to us that their hard work was worth it . Congrats to the students and to their teacher, Ms. May.