Why the College Football Playoff NEEDS to Expand


The same teams are selected for the College Football Playoff every year. Which is why Alabama and Ohio State are some of the most hated football programs in America. The solution: A playoff expansion.

People talk about a 6,10,12, and even a 16 team playoff, but the magic number is 8. 5 spots will be taken by power 5 conference champions, 1 by the best group of 5 school, and 2 by at-large teams. When great teams play great teams in college football, it produces a lot of money for the NCAA and entertainment for the fans.

“Imagine adding four quarterfinal games to the mix. That’s high-level football that would add another dimension to the postseason and America’s holiday season,” says Greg Wallace of Bleacher Report.

Adding another week of high caliber football games is the extra push through the depressing month of January that everyone needs. Not only will the College Football playoff give a better chance of survival through the Winter, but it will also give a better chance of survival to the underdogs.

The reason everyone loves March Madness is because of the Cinderella story teams defying all odds to make it to the final 4. Why not incorporate this in football with an 8 team playoff as well?

To quote Greg Wallace again, “Why fight it? Embrace the 8-team playoff system and the chaos that comes with it.”