Athletic Director: Bo Roundy


Brielle Schrader

Even in a Global Pandemic, the sports programs run smoothly here at Davis High and that is all thanks to our Athletic Director Bo Roundy.

Being the Athletic Director here at Davis is a VERY busy job with a lot of responsibilities. Some include supporting Coaches in their seasons with facilities, scheduling and registering for events, and state requirements. Roundy is also responsible for communicating will custodians, front office staff, coaches, and administrators. Roundy oversees all of the sports teams and in charge of interviewing and hiring coaches.

If that is not busy enough, Roundy is in charge of organizing and planning the mandatory covid testing of over 300 extracurricular students that need to be communicated to seven different programs and with the health department and school district for it to happen effectively.

Supporting people is something Mr. Roundy loves doing and is the reason he applied to be the Athletic Director. He attends sports games and loves to support coaches and says “The most exciting part about my job is watching teams play and win!” When asked what his hopes and goals for the sports teams this year he says

“My hope is that we get to keep playing! Extracurricular activities are so important to the players and our community.”  Roundy’s favorite individual sport is wrestling and his favorite team sport is Football. When asked what his favorite part about his job is, Roundy says”Knowing that I was a small part in everyone’s successes!”

When Mr. Roundy isn’t overseeing the sports programs, he enjoys going four-wheeling, road trips, dirt biking, and using his passport.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle!”-Bo Roundy