Cameron Piacente, Writer

Tomatoes, the super food to end all super foods. They are in like every good food imaginable. Did you know the Aztecs worshipped tomatoes? No they didn’t. Sorry, I had to.

First food on the board, because I’m hungry, is the tomato sandwich. The basic ingredients are toasted bread (the heathens delight in their untoasted bread), tomatoes (salted and peppered because a tomato is a different thing when its salted and peppered), and mayo (if you like miracle whip please don’t talk to me). This is one of the greatest sandwiches of all time. I remember when my mom made it for me the first time and I thought she was nuts but I ate it and it tasted amazing. Bam! Parenting.

Second, spaghetti sauce. Don’t talk to me about sauce. I’m Italian and my family has a sauce recipe from Italy and so if you show me Prego and Ragu and tell me that’s sauce you can stand over by the miracle whip people. Disgusting. Also note there is a lot of Italian mixed into Argentinian food. I had a lady in my ward from Argentina who made some good sauce, because apparently there’s a lot of Italians in Argentina.

Third, pizza doesn’t really count. If you like saucy pizza, you’re kind of weird. Also, spicy sauce should not be a thing. Y’all can go to the line with the other weirdos.

I know I’m being really judgmental in this story but I don’t mean anything by it. I’m just hungry, I’m right, and I’m sitting on Frey’s couch. I do not mean anything mean or offensive unless you like that stuff I said earlier. Please forgive me or don’t I don’t really care anymore. See  ya’ later boys and girls, I’m gonna do nothing for the rest of the week of this class.