Astroworld Catastrophe leaves 8 dead and hundreds injured.

Maddison Forster

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October 7, 2021

This last weekend in Houston, Texas people were killed and injured at Travis Scotts Astroworld Festival. Who is to blame for this horrific event? Tavis? The fans?

Travis Scott is a well-known musician, and he has been doing concerts for years. With the release of his new album “Astroworld”, he has been hosting concert festivals with the same title. These concerts are known for being crazy and dangerous. Sources say that he encourages his fans to do things such as, jump off balconies, break down fences and run past security.

On the first weekend of November 2021 Astroworld came to Houston, Texas. Over 50,000 people attended this event and with security being underprepared hundreds more got in. With the amount of people who attended the event people were suffocating, being crushed, and even trampled. There was no service at the venue and medical was understaffed so getting help was limited. Staff and even concert goers did everything they could but 8 people died and hundreds were still injured.

“Astroworld was one of the scariest nights of my life”-women who attended event (anonymous)

There have been hundreds of videos circling the internet about the event and what people experienced. The videos include unconscious people being taken out of the crowd, people being trampled, and gasping for air in the crowd. The concert goers went online to share their stories about how they felt about the event.

“The media blew it out of proportion”- Drew Sampson

Some say that Scott is the person to blame for this because he didn’t stop the concert. There are videos of people going on stage and telling him what’s going on, but Scott claims he was unaware of what was happening. Others say that the people who organized the event are to blame because security and medical were understaffed.

It was dystopia, but I had fun”-Quin Castro

Scott has been arrested and sued previously for encouraging this kind of behavior at concerts. Scott has lawsuits piling up against him as we speak and who knows what will happen to his career after this one. The rest of the festival was cancelled as well as his next show in Vegas and he plans to pay for funeral expenses for those who died.