True humility

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Greta Svagrova
May 11, 2022

Terrible, traumatic, horrific and petrified are just a couple words to describe the feeling, but there is a moment of true humility and embarrassment that only a select few have to experience. The ruckus of a thunderous stomach growl in the middle of class.

“Picture this” says Macie Chamberlain, ” Your sitting in the middle of class and all the sudden you feel your stomach get shoved up your esophagus. You grasp the sides of your desk, praying, that within the next few moments your fellow peers wont hear the whale calling noise ascend from your abdomen.”

Sarah Quillen a senior at Davis High school experienced an alarming grumble not that long ago. Quillen describes the story of her traumatic experience and puts it into perspective. “I was innocently sitting in my math lab, It was so quiet you could hear a pencil drop. I had just eaten lunch so I was feeling really good and ready to tackle some math equations, Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, my stomach made the sound of an aggressive chainsaw that would wake up the neighbors on a crisp Saturday morning. I was absolutely appalled and wanted to jump off a cliff in that very moment.”

After doing some research, We found out what some of Quillen’s class mates had to say about her stomach putting on a show.  Rhett Rice, who happens to sit directly to the left of Quillen’s seat said ” She was probably really hungry.” Sitting directly in front of Quillen was Zoe Weaver, she said “I was so alarmed when I heard an uprising commotion come from the back of the room”

Chamberlain and Quillen are not the only ones to experience wildly untamed stomachs. Brook Higley tells us about her story ” I was in fourth grade, sitting in class, my stomach roared and my best friend who was sitting across the room heard it her head up so fast and made eye contact with me, I was so tragically embarrassed.”

Our stomachs seem to get the best of us on our worst days. But us elite people with stomach issues will conquer these trials together. We can embrace the beautiful ballads our stomachs want to sing to us, even if it is in the middle of a silent room.