The benefits of homecoming royalty


Preslee Scott, Writer

Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back alumni or other former members of our dear old Davis High School. Homecoming Royalty is determined by your peers here at Davis and this year there was 8 people on the royalty court. Kate Call was our Homecoming Queen with Laine Blaser, Kalia Merrill, and Grace McGurk by her side in the royalty. Jake Arnold got to take home the title of Homecoming King with Sam Carlson, Doug Devore, and Victor Chavez as the runner ups.“I was so surprised because it was really random, but very exciting.” Said Laine Blaser.“I was actually really happy to be voted into royalty and truthfully I didn’t expect it, pleasant surprise.” Said Sam Carlson.For most people, being vote into royalty was a complete shock to them, but what does being voted into royalty even mean? Being royalty gets you a portrait in the display case with all the other royalty members. You also get to be announced at both the homecoming assembly and football game. There you get escorted out by anyone of you choosing. The royalty gets a crown, sash, and a bouquet of flowers to show off their winning.“It was a cool experience seeing the whole football team supporting me.” said Doug Devore.At the Homecoming football game, during halftime, the royalty got to pick an escort to walk them out onto the field. All of the royalty had a mother or father walk them out onto the field.“My dad walked me out because I wanted it to be a family member. My mom helped me get ready for it, so I wanted my dad to be apart of it as well” said Kate Call.Homecoming is an exciting week where we get to reconnect with old friends and alumni. There is a dance and a football game that students can participate and go to. Homecoming Royalty, from what we have heard, is a pleasant surprise if you get the chance to be apart of it.