Girls Basketball confident about season


Cooper Smith, Writer

Davis High School’s girls’ basketball season is starting, and the team is feeling confident about their season. While this is a younger team consisting of mostly juniors and sophomores, they are still contenders and believe they could win region.

So far, the team is 2-0, beating Murray and Mountain Crest. They look forward to playing Farmington and think it will be their biggest and toughest game of the season.

This team has a strong connection, a lot of them went to Kaysville Jr High together and have played since then. They have a lot of fun when they play together, “I love being able to play basketball every day.” Says Aryanna Bull, a player on the team.

The team is focused on practice and committed to getting better. They practice 2-3 hours every day and are constantly trying to improve their game.

Even with all that practice, the girls manage to balance their time with school and basketball well. “Sometimes it can be overwhelming with BC Calc, but I was taught to manage my time well.” Bull states.

Good things should be on the horizon for this team. With all their hard work, the team is good enough to win it all.

The reason the team can practice so much, is because they enjoy doing it. They have fun and listen to music during warmups. The music can sometimes be disagreed upon, however, “I don’t like listening to Taylor Swift during warmups.” Aryanna Bull says.

Arguments about music aside, the team is very close. They are all very excited for their season and love playing with each other. The team loves the game, and they have a lot of fun playing together.

Make sure you try to catch as many girls’ basketball games as you can this year! The games are same place same day as the boys’ games and start at 5:30.