Brainwashed from fashion

Jack Byers

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For centuries fashion has been a central part of our everyday lives. But how does fashion affect us? Is it Brainwashing us? When we see others dressed in dirty and/or ripped clothing how do we think of them? How do we think of those dressed in fancy clothing?

“Serfs and peasants would see nobility and royalty dressed in nicer clothing such as silk, fur, and velvet. The serfs and peasants would think that nobility and royalty where better.” Said Duren Montgomery.

Since the time of royals there has been a social hierarchy and its has been linked to fashion. The poor would wear cheap clothing like wool. Where royals would where expensive clothing. Making people think they are better than others because of how they are dressed.

“We as a society have valued people based on what they where and judge them based on what they wear.” Said Montgomery

Today this is still an issue. Those that are deemed as “rich” wear more expensive clothing and nicer clothing. Where those that where cheap, dirty, or bland clothing are seen as poor.

Just because someone doesn’t dress as well as everyone thinks they should doesn’t mean they are poor. Many people who where cheap clothing make much more money that those that where expensive clothing. And because the clothing is expensive they have way less money and cannot afford other things in there life.

An example of this is Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler has a net worth of about 480 million dollars today. He is seen on the street with normal clothing. Athletic shorts and baggy shirts. He is one of the richest people in Hollywood but to society he looks like the average day joe.

“Types of people who would talk to you based on what you are wearing are everywhere and today its especially in girls, if you are dressed nice you are usually shown more respect.” Said Montgomery.

This creates judgments of other people almost impossible. And it Brainwashes us. We see people in nicer clothes and think we need to cater to them because they have more money. Or we see people with cheaper clothing and don’t treat them anywhere close to the same. This has an affect on society and people need to know about it.