What will these fashionistas at Davis High predict the top styles will be in 2023?


Christian Webber, Junior, and devoted to fashion and style. “I bet the jeans will get even morebaggier than now.” Webber says. “I also bet the leather shoe trend will also carry on for a bitlonger since it just started.” These trends seem to show up and be huge for a while thencompletely disappear.
Sam Carlson, swim team star, and also quite the fashionista. “I think cropped sweaters will bemore of a thing. As well as tight clothing as a top layer, such as athletic long sleeves. Lastly,handbags will become widely popular in my opinion” says Carlson. If anyone is correct aboutfashion, it will be Sam.
“I think the jeans will get even more baggy than they already are somehow.” Says sophomoreAlex Herrera. “I also think the tops will get tighter.” Herrera claims. “In all I think that theoutfits this year will look like this, very baggy jeans, and tighter shirts or tops and then beanies aswell.”
Lucas Hill, also a sophomore, has a different approach to the style of 2023. “Something horriblewill end up being the style. Double xl jeans were this year now it is going to be triple xl jeansand pants.” “I also think that beanies will slide further up your head more than 2022.” Hill says.
In all, most people believe the top style of 2023 will be baggy jeans, tight shirts, and some trendsof 2022 carrying on such as leather shoes and tote bags.