Baseball Team Has Future in Mind


by Chase Webb

As the baseball season continues on, the seniors realize that these are their last high school career moments. We support them as they look back, and press on.

“The atmosphere made me want to be a part of it all,” said Zac Fuller, a senior member of the baseball team. When Zac was eight his dad took him to a Bee’s game, where he realized that he wanted to be involved in baseball. For senior Jackson Peacock the competition of the game is what drew him in.

Each member of the team brings forth their own contribution to the team. The pitcher pitches, the catcher catches, but everyone brings something different. Peacock works to “help the team play to its potential,” while Fuller desires to keep working on pitching in order to give them an edge in regional and state competition.

In contrast, being a part of the baseball team gives back to the players. It gives Peacock “an opportunity to have a successful athletic career, and hopefully a region and potential state championship.”

With their last season already in its midst, the seniors on the team look toward their future, some more certain than other. Fuller is going to be playing at UVU where he hopes to play in the college World Series.