Awkward Dance Club embraces awkwardness

Adam Aposhian and Jordan Wood

Abbey Hartvigsen and Adam Aposhian

Awkward Dance Club continues to bring new meaning to what dancing is all about. Awkward Dance Club meets Fridays during lunch in room 2206. The typical Awkward Dance Club meeting consists of members picking music and freestyling or learning choreographed dances for performances in assemblies.  

“We just turn on some pretty awesome music that’s just super easy to dance to,” senior Makell Garrett, co-president of Awkward Dance Club said. “Most of the time it’s really weird and strange, but that just makes it ten times more fun.”  Garrett said that anyone can make suggestions for the music, but the dances for assemblies are usually choreographed by the three co-presidents: Emma Hinckley, Ally Hoffman, and Makell Garrett.  

Mr. Larsen continues to be the advisor to the Awkward Dance Club for its second year as an official school club.  

Chandler Isbell, 2014 graduate, was the first president of Awkward Dance Club when it began meeting last year, but Larsen also cited Michaela Leudtke, of the class of 2013, as the one who spearheaded its creation. Larsen enjoys students participating in Awkward Dance Club, and also thinks there are serious lessons that can be taken from it.

“One is don’t take yourself too seriously . . . and people need to worry less about what other people think and maybe care more about having a little bit of fun,” Larsen said. “They start to dance and it’s so funny . . . you just can’t help but put yourself in a good mood.”