Sub4Santa celebrates Annual Bachelor Auction



The Commons was completely full with people and the buzz of conversation as the SBO’s stood atop a wood platform, catching everyone’s attention. For a slight second, the noise stopped when an SBO started speaking on the microphone.


Once the first bachelor, Spencer Hall, stepped up to the plate, the noise was off again. The Bachelor Auction had begun.


Every year Davis High School does an extraordinary activity for the Sub4Santa fundraiser during December. It’s called the Bachelor Auction. They auction off fifteen bachelors, or Davis High Students, for the cause of the fundraiser. During the auction, girls bid for one of these boys to go on a date with him. The money is put towards Sub4Santa.


The Auction was Friday, December 12 during lunch. Students traveled from all around the school, from South End to North End to see these boys being auctioned off.


The auctions started off at different prices with 20 to 30 dollars. The highest price for the Sophomores landed at 50 dollars for Spencer Hall, 65 for Cade Hyde, a Junior and for the Seniors at 140 for Palmer Flood.


There was plenty going on during this auction from Tanner Linford singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” to Christian Parkinson getting on his hands and knees dancing.


The money earned from the bachelors, high or low, was all put towards a good cause, Sub4Santa.



  • $50 Spencer Hall
  • $45 Keegan Reed
  • $40 Brad Wheeler
  • $40 Jono Rees
  • $25 Zach Leavitt



  • $65 Cade Hyde
  • $55 Josh Downs
  • $45 Caden Hall
  • $40 McGyver Clark
  • $40 Jordan Ryan



  • $140 Palmer Flood
  • $140 Jason Peacock
  • $85 Tanner Linford
  • $80 Christian Parkinson
  • $70 Joey Merrill