Christmas Traditions Include Temple Square Lights


It is estimated that up to 100,000 light bulbs are used in decorating Salt Lake City’s Temple Square every holiday season. These lights are set up as one of the most popular Utah attractions during the month of December, with thousands of people coming every night.

“When I go there it’s really fun, and it feels like Christmas to me” Junior Sabra Reveas said.

Each year volunteers help set up the lights. This year a new tradition was started with paper lanterns by the walkways, as well as keeping old traditions like covering the trees in colored lights.

“There really bright, colorful, and lighten up the whole place” Junior Candice Verdience, said.

    For many people in Utah, the Temple Square lights have become a tradition, with family and friends coming yearly. This year the lights turned on the night of Thanksgiving, and will stay on until the New Year.