French Club Provides Niche for Students

Mason Hall


Isabel Deller, Reporter

The French Club meets Thursdays at lunch in Ms. Clegg’s room, 2111, to catch up and learn more about the French culture. Founded by senior Clyde Raines, the French Club has since adapted to include students from many different language classes.

“I’m friends with the president, Clyde, and I’m friends with Makenna. My boyfriend who doesn’t even take French is in the French Club so that’s really fun,” Vice-President Kaiani Atkinson said.

The club gets together to plan many activities and parties. They typically host one large party every month, celebrating different French holidays. Some of the most memorable activities they participate in are some of their more elaborate parties.

“We did a Valentine’s Day party with chocolate fountains. That was pretty awesome,” French teacher Ms. Clegg said.

An important part of high school is the social factor. The French Club has helped many students improve and include others in their social circles. There are many new people to meet while at the French Club.

“The French Club has been great because it has helped many students who wouldn’t usually be friends, become friends,” Clegg said.