Yearbook Staff Searches for New Members

Spencer Hill

Billy Elliott, Clubs Segment Editor

Here is a list of some of the things that the application asks:

  1. I will make the yearbook my top priority in the 2017-2018 school year
  2. I am willing to work after school if necessary, finishing deadline work on time. I understand that this includes attending many/various extracurricular activities
  3. I realize that i am required to learn Adobe InDesign and digital SLR cameras. I am willing to complete this training in preparation for the upcoming year
  4. I am comfortable working in an organization where other students may be supervising me and critiquing my work
  5. I am willing/able to help with fund-raising to cover the cost of yearbook materials and equipment if necessary
  6. I understand that many of the decisions and work done in yearbook is confidential, especially concerning theme and cover design, and i can be trusted with information and not discuss it outside of yearbook with any non-staff personnel
  7. I understand that I will receive a letter grade and citizenship grade in this class and my actions, as well as the work I do, and especially my promptness in meeting deadlines will strongly affect both my academic and citizenship grades. I know that failure to meet any of the guidelines in this contract can result in a lower grade and/or expulsion from the staff at any time during the year.

Pick up an application in room 1222.