Has Star Wars gone to the dark side?


Kasen Madsen

Star wars is a beloved franchise  known for its escapism and adventures in a galaxy far far away, but war online for star wars is completely new fans lashing out on the franchise for the failure of solo and the movie the last Jedi the fans have attacked the actors, directors, and Disney themselves, what more? the directors and Disney fighting back attacking fans online. what is going on? and why is this happening? time to find out.

This all started when the most divisive film in star wars history the last Jedi came out. The movie is nowhere perfect but the reaction from the fans was extreme to say the least. After the film dropped fans exploded into rage over the film and where it went. a Group of fans went as far as to not only insult the cast directors and lucasflim and post such as this (it is vulgar) “Wow Disney nice work at raping my childhood”  but they went further and even wrote there own script of the movie depending a  petition to have theirs play on the big screen. Naturally the media and cast of the film laughed it off and didn’t take it seriously how ever this would cause even more problems as the real conflict was only starting.

In January of 2017 Multiple media attacks from what has been known as the star wars haters or just all around internet trolls starting personally assaulting and harassing the actors, the result? the breakout star Kellie Marie Tran who played Rose Tico deleted her Instagram account due the harassment and racist, sexist comments she faced.  While many did defend her even fellow star John Boygea gave up and simply posted, quote (Ep 9 loading see ya.) and left his twitter account for the year. However this is not the worst of it.

The directors themselves opened fire on the fans and not just the haters or people trying to cause problems. The thing is many people had genuine questions about the series or were curious or unhappy with the film. The Director Rian Johnsan called many fans who where unhappy “man babies” and refused to comment on why he chose the words. However the situation got worse when the  star wars creator and author posted this comment:

“Help I fell down a rabbit hole of cruddy star wars fans.” When called out for this by not only Disney but fans he simply replied with the post quote: “I regret nothing….The end.”

This outraged fans who not only attacked him, but star wars fars did something extreme, boycotting.

The star wars fandom now considered at war with for and against the new films. Star wars took yet dive when the movie Solo was announced, and released. The fans actually boycotted the film and it worked. The result was that Solo lost a projected two million dollars. And while the film did gain an eighty three percent on fan rating it sadly underperformed and was the lowest scoring star wars film box office wise to date. If that wasn’t bad enough all star wars spin offs have now  been put on hold do to this incident , including the infamous Kenobi film which was set to be filmed in 2020. Star wars going to the dark side? from the looks of it yes. The conflict happening is very real but there is a way for fans to fix this.

The problem here is the fans. The fact the they got so out of control as to bully the actors off social media is still just unbelievable. Whats more is the franchise seemed to just let it happen rather then take it seriously, both Disney and lucasflim have yet to issue a statement about the conflict or trying to stop it.  If star wars is able to recover it needs to be able to accept change, and that they can not control everything. Another idea that lucasfilm may be inducting is a social media policy preventing actors, directors and content creators of star wars from lashing back at fans, and trolls. The reason being they represent the brand, and in doing so carry influence. But if star wars is able to recover then it must accept change and learn to live with it rather then start online wars.  So in the end either they learn and realize how childish it is to argue over a entertainment franchise, or they move on with there lives. Because in the end its only a movie, and if it doesn’t go you way get over it, or simply don’t watch it.



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