How high school students can make money selling clothes


I have a very bad addiction to sneakers and streetwear and it is very healthy especially for your wallet. Most people that I tell about shoes and making money think I am crazy but in reality there is a HUGE market for them and I personally know people that actually make a pretty good living off of it. the one thing that you absolutely need to know to be able to make money on shoes and clothes is what things are worth, most people have heard of Supreme New York and they think it is very expensive, It is but only certain things. I know of a couple items from Supreme that can be as cheap as $5 and some as much as $50,000 it just on three things, how limited the item is, what the stock of the product is, and most importantly the demand. I haveĀ  a Supreme box logo hoodie from 2006 and I should go for anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000. I was able profit $2,500 for it but it took me almost a year to sell because not many are willing to pay 2,500 for one hoodie.

One very good thing to know is what you should buy in the first place. one place to start is shoes, you should look for very popular and very limited sneakers like Yeezys they are a very great place to start with the resale business. The reason for this is because they follow the three rules they are limited, not many place carry them, and they are in very high demand. I started my reselling career selling Yeezys and they turned a pretty good profit. another way to make money is to buy used sneakers and clean them up and flip them for 100- 200 dollars more than what you paid for them. I did this for a while and it is a great way to make good money or if you really like the shoe after you clean it you can keep it and not lose a lot of money.

on another note if you just want to get in to streetwear you should 100% start off with supreme, but you just need to know what to go for. one great site to see what’s good and what’s not good is they have a voting system that people use to vote on how much they like the items that are coming out that week. since drops are seasonal there is a higher demand on the off season which is during the summer. the money you can make buying and selling shoes and clothes is crazy and a pretty good business even if it is a hobby you can still make some pretty good money off of it!