IT Chapter Two


Ashton Weber

The IT Chapter 2 trailer was recently released and all you need to know is it looks amazing.

Stephen King’s “IT” which was written in September of 1986 and was made into a movie in 1990. Director, Andres Muschietti took it into his hands to revamp this twisted thriller. The first chapter of IT was remade and released in 2017 and it was just as good as was hyped. The director did a very good job of bringing modern horror and fear to the already familiar face of Pennywise and all he is.

The second Chapter is set to take place with the characters being kids in the first who are now adults. Pennywise is resurfacing after his 27 year hibernation period to get his revenge, after the kids escaped his grasp in the first.

The beginning of the trailer takes place with Beverly back in Derry at the house she grew up in. An elderly women now owned the house and invited Beverly inside for tea. Beverly starts wondering and looking at the pictures on the walls and sees the face of the infamous clown. At this point you’re gonna have to go watch this hair raising trailer to get the full effect.

This movie is becoming more and more hyped with the release date being so far away. Strong recommendation to go watch the trailer and to see it in theaters come September.