Express your creativity in jewelry

Cambree Santore

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Davis High school offers their students a jewelry class. In this class you get to get creative and make some jewelry. You learn how to use a drill and how to work with metal. It takes a lot of concentration, but overall its super fun.

The teacher of this class, Ms. Wright, is super sweet and cares about her students. She takes the time to help students with their projects.

The class is just a friendly happy place to be. When working on the projects you can express yourself and your creativity however you want. Each project is unique to each students style and taste.

“I would always get excited to go to jewelry, it was a good place to work on things that are specialized to me. The feeling you get when you finish a project is amazing. You feel very proud of your work and you cant wait to show it off. Overall this class has a positive atmosphere,” said Joe Quillen, a former student in this class.

Jewelry is such a fun class with a lot of time to work on your projects. Best of all, the class isn’t very hard, its super fun, and if you take it you wont regret it. So if you are looking for an art class or an elective then jewelry is highly suggested.