Why voting is important


Julia Last

March 3rd is known as Super Tuesday. It is the day the Presidential Primaries occur in Utah and 14 other states. Voting isn’t exactly the first thing on a highschooler’s mind, but it is a big deal. The problem? Young people don’t vote. 

Voting is one of the most important rights an American citizen has. Voting is the single most important way to make sure the government serves its citizens and not the other way around. Every vote counts and this country needs as many people to vote as possible. When more people vote, citizens are better represented through elected officials. 

Young voters are especially important, as they make up almost half of the voters in America. Unfortunately, young voters are less likely to go out and vote than older voters. What happens in this year’s election will affect young voters for the next 4, possibly 8 years. While young voters may not care right now, they will care 4 years from now. It’s better to have a say now, rather than later.  

Voting is simple. It can seem complicated, but all it takes is a few small steps to be ready to vote. First, register to vote. The last day to register online in Utah is Feb. 25th (Registration at the Davis County office is available until the day of the election, March 3rd), online registration for Utah is found at Utah.gov/voterreg. Though it doesn’t seem like it, 18-year-olds are not the only people who can register, voter registration begins as young as 16-years-old. So, age is not an excuse to not register.  

Second, do a little research and find a candidate that is a good fit. Most candidates have websites laying out their stances on all issues, these websites will include lots of information about them. If that seems too hard, there are quizzes online that will suggest candidates according to individual quiz results. Isidewith.com has a detailed, accurate quiz that provides unbiased information about each candidate. 

Third, vote. Mail ballots were sent last week, but it is still a possibility to request one before the 25th. In-person voting begins in Utah on February 18th and will continue until March 3rd. The Utah.gov site has information on where to vote, and how to vote. Make sure to be aware, especially as Super Tuesday comes around. Show up, and use your vote. Your vote is your power.