Davis High sports; Stuck in the cycle

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Davis High sports; Stuck in the cycle

This year, at Davis High School, our sports teams, most notably basketball, had all these victories only to lose the end goal. Over the years, we have seen countless teams have many victories, come close, only to lose it all. 

A good name for this is the Sports Hubris Cycle. First teams have a few victories, and after a couple more victories, get overconfident, and let victory go. Depending on the game, some teams fall and don’t go forward anymore. 

This cycle continues, after a team has lost a game, all the pride leaves their heads, and they head to their next game humble. Then, once again, they do really well, and then go on, even on to the finals. 

Once again, after the victories, they go on almost to the end, and choke on a victory. The teams that do go on to the end fight aggressively for a victory. However, there are circumstances when they choke on pride. 

The question with this cycle is whether this applies to Davis. Is Davis High School, like many other teams, doomed to forever remain in a constant cycle of loss? Is Davis going to forever dream about coming victory? 

“Great season, fun memories, but sad ending,” Sawyer Cottrell, a Davis basketball player said. This sounds like how most seasons go for teams, college and professional, having fun, but never quite going all the way to the end goal of total victory. 

“We had some weaknesses but were complimented with [the] strengths [of others],” Cotrell replied. This reflects truly what a good team is: when you have people on the team who can more than make up the difference of your weaknesses. 

“We had a lot of good shooters and good chemistry,” Cottrell says. This is a sign about Davis’s advantages. On all teams, having good chemistry helps everyone to work together. In the world of sports, chemistry makes up the difference. 

“Had a hard time [staying] slow,” Cottrell voiced. In sports, speed and timing is everything. For one thing, all the games have time limits, except in cases of overtime. The other trick in sports according to Cottrell is adjusting speed. 

“Know how to play at different paces,” Cotrell said. According to Cotrell, learning to match the pace of your team to the opponent’s is crucial. Along with this, comes the skill of be able to adapt to the opponent’s moves. 

In all, is Davis High sports, basketball and football specifically, doomed to be in this cycle forever? Probably not, because despite their all losses, Boys Basketball has had it where it counts in terms of their skills and chemistry.  

So, despite all the losses, there is hope for Daivs Sports. The teams here have demonstrated excellent chemistry and skills. And for everyone on those teams, they know their weaknesses, and they can now progress to overcome them, and towards victory.