Fall & Winter fashion trends for teenagers in 2022


Brynlee Beckstrand, Writer

Does your closet need an update? Want to feel more confident in your outfit choices? Here’s 30 fall & winter fashion trends for both teenage girls and boys in high school.

First things first, you need to do a closet cleanout of things not in style. This would include, bell bottom jeans, low-rise skinny jeans, cold shoulder tops, infinity scarves and stiletto heels. Bell bottoms have been trying to make a comeback, but the real trend is wide-leg jeans or flare jeans.

In 2022, baggy has become the new skinny, the baggier the better. For bottoms, you’re going to want any baggy denim including wide-leg jeans, flare jeans, ripped jeans, patterned jeans and even construction pants. Other pants can be sweatpants, ribbed felt pants and any leather, baggy, skinny you name it.

“If leg warmers ever come back, I’m going to sue. Awful. Immediately no.” Kate Moulton said.

For any of your tops, it’s a mix from baggy to skinny. For the tighter looks, there’s a front tie shirt, cropped t-shirts, plain white tank tops and cropped crochet tops. Now for a more comfortable look, there’s oversized crew necks, sweater vests, hoodies, and oversized t-shirts.

“My favorite trend right now is definitely oversized sweaters and when a guy wears a hoodie with a jersey over it.” Keslee Pinson replied.

To achieve your ultimate baggy look, the best thing you’ll want to do is layer. For example, on top of your shirt or sweater, you can wear a flight jacket, bomber jacket, a sweater vest, or even a puffer vest. This can work for boys & girls, just wear some baggy denim jeans, with a hoodie and oversized puffer vest and you’re already dressing better than Kanye West.

“I really liked that trend where people would tie a sweater around their necks, it was so cute!” Izzy Martinez answered.

Now for shoes, there’s an assortment from classic sneakers all the way to cloud sandals. If you’re going for a more relaxed look, you’ll want to go with Crocs, or cloud sandals. More trending shoes include Nike Jordans, Nike Blazers, Nike Air Forces, high top Converse, Vans, Dr. Martins, chunky loafers, anything platform, and even cowboy boots are becoming more and more popular.

It’s now time for trending accessories to go with your swagger outfit. Necklaces you’ll need some gold or silver chains to layer or even wear by themselves, or a pearl necklace which can be unisex. For bracelets, golden chain bracelets, or chunky colorful bracelets, which is also trending as anklets too. If you want to wear rings too, boho stacking rings and chunky colorful rings could tie the whole look together.

“My least favorite trend is when boys wear their acid wash moto jeans, they’re just not it.” Eliza Gardiner responded.

Now that you know what’s trending and what’s not, you need to go shopping and get your closet updated for 2022. But always remember that even if you don’t follow the trends or find them annoying, to dress for yourself and what makes you feel confident because you are beautiful any and either way.