Davis High’s spring musical Crazy for You

Gehrit Gilson, Writer

“Let me give you the low down: I’m k-ra-zy for you!” The Davis High Advanced Theatre Program looks forward to opening this year’s spring musical production of Crazy for You, where the students have come together and putting all of their creative talents and hard work to create this student produced showstopper.

The show follows carefree Bobby Child who’s journey starts in New York City to seek his dream of just performing on stage in front of an audience. When he is sent by the bank to take away a theatre in Neveda he crosses paths with headstrong Polly Baker who is the only woman in her small town in Nevada. Bobby falls in head over heels for Polly but when she figures out he’s here to take away the bank she wants nothing to do with him. In attempts to have Polly fall in love with him Bobby wants to help save the theatre and disguises himself as Bela Zangler a notorious theatre director in New York City who is a major icon and idol for Polly and her father. Bobby’s intention is to dress as Zangler to put on a big show that will get enough money and support to save the theatre. This magical production has the Advanced Theatre class excited for people to come and be in awe.

“Crazy for You is a fun wild magical full of life and laughter. It is a creative way to express that we may not have it all figured out yet, but we should find ways to accept ourselves before looking for acceptance somewhere else.” Danica Arnold, who plays the part of Irene in this years production.

Crazy for You has been an incredible bonding experience for this years actors as they have learned the value of teamwork “We are a family. Everyone is so supportive of each other and we cheer each other on! We all work hard and since this is a student produced show we are all counting on one another to do their part. It unities us and makes us all closer.” Kennedy Ridges, who plays Polly Baker stated.

Another thing to look forward to is the student designed set. With help from the famous Michael Wright, the theatre director here as Davis High. “The atmosphere is really unique. It’s set in Nevada and also in New York and the set combines elements of a western town and elements of an industrial New York and it offers a really interesting look” Brian Stuart stated who plays Bobby Child. This musical is sure to be full of humor, dancing, sadness, and confusion. Although this production is more a goofy fun show, actors wish they could give the message of the deeper meaning behind the show.

Crazy for you is sure to pull you in for a crazy ride and leave you feeling whole and thankful for what you have. This is a heartwarming show with incredible talent through dancing, singing, and acting. The students in Advanced Theatre would appreciate your love and support as they share this embracing show to you.