The return of the World Baseball Classic


Garrett Nielsen, Writer

After 6 years of waiting, the World Baseball Classic is back and better than ever. People tuning in to watch their countries battle each other in a short elimination bracket and fighting for a chance to win big.

According to they stated that, “By averaging 4.48 million viewers (4.97 million if Fox Deportes is included), the title game had bigger viewership than all but one on FS1 from 2022.”

That is incredible to think when so many other things are going on right now like march madness, NBA and hockey. Baseball is just at the very beginning of their season so far and the viewership is exploding.

In an interview with Cooper Smith he stated, “I haven’t been this excited about baseball in a while. I started getting into baseball last year, so I have never watched the WBC before. Every game feels like a world series game.”

Every game has felt explosive with people playing with players they have never played with before. The energy in every game was huge and players seemed to be absolutely loving it.

From they wrote an article stating, “The World Baseball Classic came down to a perfect ending that not even writers in Hollywood could have come up with—the great Shohei Ohtani on the mound facing his Angels teammate, the great Mike Trout, in a one-run game with two outs in the ninth.”

The Ending of the World Baseball Classic will probably be one of the greatest of all time. Mike Trout struck out against Shohei Ohtani (Current teammates on the Angels). These two players are probably some of the best athletes to ever step on a baseball field. One teammate striking out another for the win will be one of the most memorable for a long time.