Zootopia Tops Charts as a Disney Favorite


Dallin Hawkins, Managing Editor

So it has been rumored that Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest film, Zootopia, is the greatest Disney film ever produced. It is definitely not the most successful by standard of gross income, having been beat by Frozen at roughly $380 million more. It did, however, receive a 8.3 rating out of ten according to imdb.com as opposed to Frozen’s 7.6 rating.


“Between ten out of ten, I would give it a ten,” senior Austin Keeler said.


With Disney occupying slots of Wikipedia’s top one hundred highest grossing animated films it could be possible that Zootopia, ranked number eight, be their best. It is possible that gross income has little judgement as to the quality of a film, but having not been released on DVD while still holding its position, it is also possible that it could move up. This clearly shows that the majority of Disney fans are supportive.


“It is a fantastic show. I think it has been the best in quite a while but I still think it can’t beat the classics in Disney movies,” senior Matthew Talbot said.


Zootopia was praised for its balanced amount of humor that was incorporated in the whole show and it is agreed that it was another Disney success.
“I love the humor. I loved all the little puns they had in it. Cause shows these days have a hard time coming up with jokes,” Talbot said.