Davis Volleyball falters against Fremont


The girls’ volleyball team lost their game against Fremont on Tuesday, November 27. This was a rough game for Davis, they started out behind in all three matches. The girls put up a fight though, scoring 5 points in a row in the first match, and 6 points in a row in the second match. Katie Corelli even got a kill in the second match, spiking the ball so hard that the other team couldn’t return it. However, all the girl’s efforts weren’t enough to keep Fremont from winning. Fremont won all three matches, with the scores being 18-25 the first match, 16-25 the second match, and 15-25 the third match.  

They plan to do better on Thursday’s game, training hard on Wednesday to set themselves up for a win. As a team, they practiced passes and serves, two things they had trouble with during Tuesday’s game.

“A lot of our passes were either way to tight or way off the net,” Andy David stated.

The pressure is on for this game, they need to win in order to have a chance at State, but they’re not letting it get to them. The girls are pumped up and feeling good, hoping to have a great start to carry them through the rest of the game.