The “Club Chev” Legacy


Isaac Whipple

Have you ever been hanging out on a Saturday night when all other stores are closed, and you have nothing to do? No mischief to make? Everyone’s answer happens to be the heart and soul of Kaysville, Club Chev. 

When it comes to high school hangouts Club Chev otherwise known as the Mcdonald’S/Chevron on 2nd North is almost unmatched there are people their nightly. Maybe the reason is because it is so close to everyone and open late, or maybe it’s the cheap food when everyone is munching. Either way Club Chev is well known to be the Davis High hangout. 

However, there is a new rival on the rise. Almost every Friday after Friday night lights the parking lot at In-n-Out in Centerville fills up with cars and students from all schools hanging out, the line files out of the door to order food as you see waves of Groups of all sorts in different themed outfits, drenched in sweat and covered in paint from cheering on their teams to victory. 

In n Out is a worthy opponent in dethroning the hangout king Club Chev. However, I don’t think it will be considering its further away it’s become more of an after-game tradition. Mcdonalds is still about unmatched as if you decide not to go to In-n-Out after the game you are almost guaranteed to find people at Club Chev.  

Our beloved Club Chev has been a hangout for ages former students are often found there to this day. It’s a restaurant/gas station very near and dear to our hearts. The endless memories found their will live forever. like the one-time Nick Shirley set up bowling pins and decided to bowl in front of the cash register, which he was kicked out soon after. Club Chev is an urban legend, a myth, a fact and a legacy; and it will continue to live on for as long as it stands.