Davis gaming club might be just the place for you


Tyler Tynsky, Writer

The Davis High gaming club is ran by Mr. Stanley and is a space where everyone is welcome and can get together to game. The club meets every Thursday after school to play various games together.

I asked Nolan Crook, a member of the gaming club, for examples of some of the games that they play.

“Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Overwatch, Minecraft, Rocket League and Halo.”

He replied.

They meet after school on Thursdays in Mr. Stanley’s room 1221, where they play different games together for around two hours.  Apparently, there is a gaming club Minecraft world that you can join, and they actually compete against other schools in Smash Brothers.

“The tournaments are in Salt lake or Provo and you play against other high school’s teams  and stuff.”

Explains Nolan Crook when asked about his experience in competing with the club.

The rocket league team also has tournaments that are in Provo or Salt Lake.

Nolan also talked about his experience at a tournament where he got to meet famous Smash Brothers ultimate player Best Ness. Due to COVID restrictions, the Smash Brothers tournaments and Rocket League tournaments are now being held on Discord.

Every week, the Smash Bros team holds what are essentially tryouts for the tournaments. In these meetings, members of the team compete against each other in a tournament-style bracket and the top 5 get to go to the real tournaments against other schools.

If you want to join the gaming club because you love gaming or just because you’d think it would be fun, you can talk to Mr. Stanley in room 1221.