Mr. Hendricks Influences Students


Alyssa Seager, Reporter

For 28 years, Steven Hendricks has been the band director at Davis High. Throughout these years he has touched the lives of thousands of students and faculty. As well as, tripling the size of the band.

“I’d like to say that the biggest effect I’ve had is that I’ve helped bring a school together. When I first came to Davis high school, I felt like everyone was in their own little nook, their own little place,” said Hendricks.

These 28 years he has helped develop a culture at Davis High. Mr. Hendricks has helped create a haven for all types of students.

“A lot of times you go to high school and kids are afraid of what their director will be like. He’s a great director and he really helps you feel like a part of a group,” student Landon Collins said.

Hendricks says people who have made him such a great director were influences such as his high school orchestra instructor Ted Ashton and his college director Max Dolby. Students, such as sophomore Miranda Scharffs, explain how this high school director has affected their life.

“Mr. Hendricks has greatly impacted how much I care and how I view the world basically. Not only have I been able to apply the lessons that he has taught me to my band career but also to my daily life.”

These lessons are the legacies Mr. Hendricks will leave behind in the halls of Davis High.

The ‘Band Man’ will always be thought of through words like, “Joyous,” says Miranda Scharffs, “Influential,” Emma Blake says, and described by Miranda Scharffs as, “Challenging”.