Yearbook Creates Memories

Mason Hall

Throughout the years when students go to grades k-12, at the end of each there is always a consistent book of highlights from the year; the yearbook. In high school, students themselves help contribute to the making of this book.

“We make the book and during the end of the year we… do inserts,” Haylee Maughan said about the role she plays as a yearbook member.

And what’s even more special, besides the fact that this historical novel is produced by the students  is that these books are not only seen by current Davis High members, but also by alumni and will also be seen by future generations to come.

“There’s something crazy cool about seeing your work in a book and the pictures you took,” yearbook staff member Klarissa Hugh said.

Yearbooks are also a permanent part of many student’s high school careers and the staff keeps this in mind when choosing what to put on display, which is when the advisor’s role in the club becomes pivotal.

“We don’t really choose [what goes into the yearbook]. Mainly our teacher selects them [the features] and gives them to us then we just go from there,” staff member Dax Lether said.

But this club isn’t just made up of the various aspects of preserving the past to better benefit the future, fun is sprinkled in here and there and can be especially seen among the closeness that students feel towards their advisor.

“Nye is awesome. She’s a got a fun and a driven side and they both come out during yearbook and she gets things done,” Hugh said.

This closeness is also observed among the members as well.

“Taking photos and hanging out with kids in the class,” Lether said about his favorite part of being apart of yearbook staff.

So whether your high school experience was a good or bad one, it will forever be preserved by these students in the yearbook.